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Owning a Porsche automobile is a passion and driving a Porsche is excellence.

Musante Motorsports works exclusively on Porsche cars and wants nothing other than to make your ownership experience rewarding and to help you obtain the maximum enjoyment from your Porsche. While many people can only dream of owning a Porsche, you’ve made your dream a reality and we appreciate that fact at Musante Motorsports.

We are dedicated to performing to the highest quality of standards and offer the personalized service that you deserve. For “quality performance on the road or on the track,” we’re here for you at Musante Motorsports

Owner Chris Musante has been an avid Porsche enthusiasts since 1984..

Owner Chris Musante has been an avid Porsche enthusiasts since 1984 where he owned, drove and competed with his Porsches in high speed driving events.

Chris used his love of mechanics and his engineering background to further pursue his passion starting out by repairing local fellow Porsche enthusiast cars in his garage in Manchester CT. The word spread, business increased, and Carrera Motorsports was started in 1985 and then later changed names to Musante Motorsports in 1989. Musante started with repairing/tuning 911 engines and slowly grew the business to the point where it is today, a full service shop for all Porsche models.

passion drives excellence

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Our new modern facility at 41 Commerce Way in South Windsor has excellent lighting, heat, and ventilation. We go out of our way to make sure all vehicles in our shop are well cared for during their stay and are fastidiously cleaned prior to customer pick up.


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