Induction & Exhaust

Musante Motorsports offers specialized Induction & Exhaust Systems

A proper running engine requires a systems approach to maximize its potential. This system needs a proper intake and exhaust system. Musante Motorsports offers a very high quality slide valve induction system for naturally aspirated race cars and various exhaust configurations to meet sound and performance requirements. We also specialize in the set up and tuning of TWM and PMO induction systems and offer Webber Woods exhaust systems as well as the design and build of custom systems using high quality merge collectors. Musante Motorsports also offers installation and guidance on the complete line of Lindsey Racing Products.

Here at Musante Motorsports we have decades of experience tuning and assembly custom and stock turbo systems. We can tune your 930, upgrade your 993TT, or attain over 600hp in your 996/997TT!





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