custom tuning

Musante Motorsports offers specialized Engine & Chassis tuning

Chassis Dyno tuning is one of our many tools for tuning your vehicle. Whether it is tuning the engine we just built for you or squeezing that last bit of tuning out of your setup, we have you covered.

We have extensive experience tuning:

  • Weber and PMO carburetors
  • CIS injection systems
  • Mapping aftermarket injection systems such as Motec or Haltech
  • Motronic ECU
    Evolution Motorsports

Our in-house DynaPack dynamometer allows fine tuning of street and race cars throughout the rev range. Detailed charts and graphs provide information on how best to set up transmission gear ratios and, of course, good ol’ bragging rights.



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  • Racing

    We can set your vehicle up for competition with a goal of safety nd performance

  • Street

    We know how to make your vehicle perform at its absolute best on the street

  • Support

    We offer track-side support and instruction for new and experienced drivers