suspension systems

Musante Motorsports provides advanced braking systems for all Porsches, old and new.

A well set up vehicle inspires confidence. Confidence allows the driver to push the limits and still be in control.  Optimizing your vehicles suspension via high quality components enhance road holding ability. We carry shocks or coilovers for all Porsche models. Whether it be street, Drivers Ed, or full race we can recommend what is best for you and your car. We carry and install the most highly trusted brands.

Musante Motorsports specializes in vehicle alignment, corner balance and suspension tuning with an intense focus on track applications!

High end suspension systems needs to move freely. With the installation of your new suspension we often recommend the replacement of stock  bushings with lower friction part

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  • Racing

    We can set your vehicle up for competition with a goal of safety nd performance

  • Street

    We know how to make your vehicle perform at its absolute best on the street

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    We offer track-side support and instruction for new and experienced drivers