custom restoration

Musante Motorsports offers specialized restoration service for all Porsche models

We deal directly with Porsche and their OEM suppliers and have access to all technical specs and part numbers. Just let us know the model, year and part description and we can get it for you.

We’re also the people you want for the custom engineered parts you need whether you’re replacing worn parts or upgrading complete systems. And keep in mind, we can perform the restorations for you. Plus, we have decades of experience tuning and assembly of custom and stock turbo systems and we’re induction and exhaust system specialists. We are here for you at Musante Motorsports.

Contact us to discover the options for your Porsche restoration project.


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    We can set your vehicle up for competition with a goal of safety nd performance

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    We know how to make your vehicle perform at its absolute best on the street

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    We offer track-side support and instruction for new and experienced drivers