rollcages & fabrication

Musante Motorsports offers specialized Induction & Exhaust Systems

Looking for exceptional fabrication and customization services for your Porsche? Then we’re here for you at Musante Motorsports. We can meet your needs for roll cages and roll bars to PCA, SCCA, and FIA specs... custom oil cooler-radiator mounting and plumbing... fender flaring and tire clearancing... fiberglass and carbon fiber panel installations, and more. We also do structural, rust and collision repair and perform induction and exhaust fabrication in house.

We can help you with anything Custom your heart can dream up. In the event you just want to build your street car into a track monster . . . We can help you there too!

We provide customers with:

  • Roll cages/Roll bars PCA, SCCA, and FIA specs
  • Custom lowered seat brackets for you taller folks
  • Custom oil cooler/radiator mounting and plumbing
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber panel installations
  • Fender flaring/tire clearancing
  • Custom Suspension bushings and pickup point relocations
  • Structural repair, rust repair
  • Sway bar mount reinforcements/replacements
  • Torsion tube reinforcement and repair (all 911)
  • Dry sump system plumbing
  • Lexan replacements for your race car glass
  • Collision repair
  • Induction and Exhaust fabrication in house.

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