trackside service & support

Musante Motorsports offers trackside service & support to make your race ejnoyable & safe.

We recognize safety is paramount, especially at the track, and will provide you with personalized solutions based on your needs. We use our intensive track experience when performing the vehicle alignments, corner balancing, and suspension tuning your Porsche requires. Plus, we can provide you with the absolute best in brake parts and service for your Porsche, as well as quality tires from Hoosier and other respected manufacturers. Musante Motorsports is knowledgeable regarding the building, set-up and preparation work necessary to run at the Autocross course, Drivers Education or Amateur or Professional racing.

Our customers have literally hundreds of class and overall wins in Porsche Club of America racing and various vintage racing events including the LA Carrera Panamerica. Our drivers education customers do well knowing that their car is well set up and prepared in a safe manner for high speed closed course driving events. Musante Motorsports can custom-build a car from the ground up or maintain any factory built race car. Musante Motorsports is well known for arrive and drive racing services. We travel from Florida to Canada to the Midwest each year and organize arrive and drive programs for our racing and DE customers.




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  • Racing

    We can set your vehicle up for competition with a goal of safety nd performance

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    We know how to make your vehicle perform at its absolute best on the street

  • Support

    We offer track-side support and instruction for new and experienced drivers